Friday, October 21, 1994

VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE (Oct 21 - ?, 1994)

by John Olive

1925. The early days of radio. Davey, an itinerant storyteller, hoooks up with huckster Leon Schwab to travel the midwest, selling radios and thrilling audiences with reminiscences of life on the run with "Frankie The Blind Gir." Until one day, when romance and reality come face to face.

"First-rate entertainment. I can't remember when I last so enjoyed a play." The Register
"That rare thing: a small, skillful play with a deft heart" Los Angeles Times

Runs in rep with Damien until the opening of Cotton Patch Gospel, then revived for a 1-week run in the new year.

Davey - Dirk Van Stralen
Frankie - Erla Faye Forsyth
Leon - Tim Dixon

Director - J.P. Allen


5 Feb '95

Thanks v. much for a lovely show. I saw Voice Of The Prairie last Friday and though it a fine piece of work: nice play, well directed and with some lovely acting. I don't know quite what I was expecting - certainly nothing so deft and thoughtful. Thank you again for a most enjoyable show.

Christopher Newton,
Artistic Director,
Shaw Festival

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