Monday, October 3, 2011

Productions | 1984-2012

Colin Thomas, Christopher Newton, Joy Coghill, Bernard Cuffling, Peter Birnie,
Rudi Krause, Jo Ledingham, Karl Petersen, Todd Thomson

First Christmas: An Entertainment Dec 1-15
Backstage Tour Mar 28-30
The Zeal of thy House May 11-18 (PT / Community Show)

Friedemann Variations Sep 14-17, 21 (Vancouver Fringe)
Fish Tales Oct 11-20, Nov 22 - Dec 8
Into An Empty Room Dec 13-22
The Life and Death Of Almost Everybody May 10-17 (Community Show)

Dreams Of Kings And Carpenters Dec 9-20
Talley's Folly Apr 24 - May 9 

I Am The Brother Of Dragons and Say No Max! Dragons Project Tour #1
The Lonely Birch Dec 10 - Jan 2
Friedemann Variations Feb 25 - Mar 5
Hearts & Bones: Here We AreTwigs,  On The Harmfulness Of Tobacco, The Loveliest Afternoon of the YearHymn In The Attic Mar 31 - Apr 9 (Community Show)

I Am The Brother Of Dragons / Say No Max! / Finally Fourteen Dragons Project Tour #2
First Christmas: A Theatrical Celebration Dec 15-31
Damien Apr 16 - Mar 1
The Good Doctor, OvertonesBabel Rap May (Community Show)

I Am The Brother Of Dragons & Say No Max! Dragons Project Tour #3
The Casino Aug 19-23, Sep 8-17 (Edmonton & Vancouver Fringe Festivals)
Cotton Patch Gospel Oct 26 - Nov 11
Remnant Dec 14-30
The Wooden Nutmeg Murder  Jan 26-27, Apr 7 (Murder Mystery #1) 
Silly Season Feb 15 - Mar 3

I Am The Brother Of Dragons / Say No Max! Dragons Project Tour #4
C.S. Lewis Onstage Oct 25-27
The Furniture of Heaven Dec 12-22
An Artful Little Murder Feb 23 (Murder Mystery #2)
Learning To Live With Personal Growth May 9-25

Book of the Dragon St Sam and the Dragon Oct 10-19 Premiere, Dragons Project Tour #5
Christmas Presence Dec 13, 14, 20, 21
Murder Down The Garden Path Feb 22 (Murder Mystery #3)

Christmas Presence ?
A Vintage Murder Feb 5-6 (Murder Mystery #4)
The Confession of St Patrick (Roger Nelson, Church Drama Festival)
The Man From Aldersgate (Roger Nelson, Church Drama Festival)

Christmas Presence ?
Turn To Stone Feb 18-19 (Murder Mystery #5)
Cotton Patch Gospel Mar 25 - Apr 2 (+ tour following)
Daddy's Amen & Private Moments Apr 15-23 (Community Show)
The Ranger Ned Story The Top Ten Thousand Of All Time May 13-21
Church Drama Festival #2 Jun 17-18

1994/1995 (debut season in Holy Trinity)
Damien Oct 14 -  , Apr 11-15
The Voice Of The Prairie Oct 21 -  , Jan 30 - Feb 4
Cotton Patch Gospel Dec 9-31
Christmas Presence ?
The End of the Line Jan 13-21 (Murder Mystery #6)
Traveler In The Dark Feb 17 - Mar 4
The Foreigner Mar 31 - Apr 22 - May 6
Church Drama Festival #3 Jun 16-17

1995/1996 - Celebration Season
Dead Air Sep 22-30 (Murder Mystery #7)
Paper Wings Oct 20 - Nov 4
Christmas Presence ?
Improv Fundraiser Jan 12-13 
Macbeth Feb 9-24, Mar 12-23
Gambling Feb 29 - Mar 9
Howard Buys A Motorhome Apr 12-27

1996/1997 - Popular Demand Season
Death On The Rocks Sep 19-28 (Murder Mystery #8)
Talley's Folly Oct 11 - Nov 2
Christmas Presence ?
A Night at the Improv Jan 10-11
Mass Appeal Jan 24 - Feb 15
Holy Mo! Feb 21 - Mar 8 (Potluck Productions)
Tent Meeting Apr 11 - May 3
You Can't Take It With You  May 29 - Jun 14 (Community Show)

Class Of '77  Sep 26-27 (Fundraiser #9)
Doctor Faustus Oct 9-11 (English Suitcase Theatre)
A View From The Bridge Nov 7-22 (Building Bridges Co-op)
Christmas Presence Dec 9-10, 16-17, 22-23
Remnant Dec 5-20
A Night at the Improv Jan 10-11, 16-17
Navy Wife Jan 30 - Feb 14
The Nerd Mar 12 - Apr 4
Take Me Out To The Ballgame May 14-16

1998/1999 - 15th Anniversary Season
PT's Greatest Hits Sep 24-26 (Fundraiser #10)
Cotton Patch Gospel Oct 23 - Nov 21
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Dec 4 - Jan 2
Christmas Presence ?
Agnes Of God Feb 5-27
Cotton Patch Gospel  Feb 3-7, etc. (tour: Sunshine Theatre, etc.)
Saint Joan Apr 9 - May 1 (Candlelight Productions)
You Still Can't May 27 - Jun 26 (Stones Throw Productions)

Sweet Charity Sep 23-25 (Fundraiser #11)
Holy Mo! Oct 1-30
Dreams Of Kings & Carpenters Dec 3 - Jan 1
Christmas Presence ?
Master Harold... & The Boys Jan 21 - Feb 12
Mystery Improv Theatre 2000 Feb 18-26
Lonely Planet Mar 3-25 (little i productions)
Quilters Apr 7 - May 6 (Potluck Productions)
Curious Savage Jun 1 - Jul 1 (Stones Throw Productions)

Sister Calling My Name Oct 20 - Nov 18
Christmas Presence Dec 21-23 
The Fever Jan 12 - Feb 3
A Night At The Improv Feb 16-24 
Tent Meeting Mar 9 - Apr 8 (Blinding Light Productions)
The Foreigner Apr 20 - May 19
Strange Paradises June (Stones Throw Productions)

A Night At The Improv Sep 21-22
Hospitality Suite Oct 5 - Nov 3
Cariboo Magi Nov 30 - Dec 30
Christmas Presence Dec 16-18
A Night At The Improv Jan 18-19
A Most Notorious Woman Jan 25 - Feb 2 (Molly Lyons)
The Clearing Feb 15 - Mar 9
Passion Mar 30
Damien Apr 12 - May 11
A Wrinkle In Time May 24 - Jun 29 (Stones Throw Productions)

Lettice & Lovage Sep 27 - Oct 26
Side Show: A Night at the Improv Nov 8-9
Mercy Wild Nov 29 - Dec 29
Christmas Presence Dec 16, 17, 21
Side Show: A Night at the Improv Jan 10-11
Espresso Jan 24 - Feb 15
Playland Feb 28 - Mar 22 (Blind Deerhunter Co-op)
Side Show: A Night at the Improv Mar 28-29
God's Man In Texas Apr 11 - May 10
Ten November May 23 - Jun 14 (Stones Throw Productions)
Side Show: A Night at the Improv Jun 20-21

2003/2004 - 20th Anniversary Season
Espresso Sep 19 - Oct 18
Private Eyes Nov 7 - Dec 6  (Rorschach Productions)
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Nov 28 - Jan 4 - Feb 1 (at the Norman Rothstein)
Christmas Presence Dec 20-21 
Sideshow Jan 9-10
The Glass Menagerie Feb 20 - Mar 20 (Liffey Productions)
Sideshow Mar 26-27
Passion Apr 9-10
Chickens Apr 30 - May 29 (Emerging Artist Showcase)

Leaving Ruin Sep 30 - Oct 9 (Jeff Berryman)
Sideshow Oct 22-23
Problem Child Nov? (Stones Throw Productions)
Halo Dec 3 - Jan 2 (PT / Emerging Artist Showcase)
Christmas Presence Dec 12, 19, 20
Beggars At The Well of Immortality Jan 14-29 (A Dumb Prophet Production)
The Domino Heart Feb 11-26 (Section 8 Theatre)
Hamlet Feb 24-26 (Stones Throw Productions)
Sideshow Mar 4-5
Last Train to Nibroc Mar 18 - Apr 16 (Emerging Artist Showcase)
Shadowlands May 6 - 28

The Elephant Man Oct 20 - Nov 2
The Farndale Christmas Carol Dec 1 - Jan 1
Christmas Presence Dec 11, 18-20
Sideshow Jan 13-14
The Hungry Season Jan 26 - Feb 25
Testimony Mar 3-4 
A Rattling Sound
The Prodigal Son Mar 15 - Apr 9 (with Touchstone Theatre)
Sideshow Apr 21-22
A Bright Particular Star May 4 - Jun 3 (Emerging Artist Showcase)
24 Hour Theatre Jun 10 (Stones Throw Productions)
Less Ado About Nothing Jun (Stones Throw Productions)

LiLiA! Sep 20 - Oct 7 (Libby Skala)
Confessions Oct 12-14
Broken & Normal (Stones Throw Productions)
Christmas Presence Dec 10, 11, 16
Cariboo Magi Nov 23 - Dec 30
The Quarrel Jan 25 - Feb 17 (Midnight Theatre Collective)
River Bottom Baby & Babel Rap (Stones Throw Productions)
Grace Mar 15 - Apr 14
Sideshow Apr 26-28
Remnants May 16 - Jun 8 (Emerging Artist Showcase with TWU)

12 Angry Men Sep 19-22
Driving Miss Daisy Oct 11 - Nov 10
This Wonderful Life Nov 29 - Dec 29
Christmas Presence Dec 9-10, 15 
A Man For All Seasons Jan 24 - Feb 23 (Midnight Theatre Collective)
Sideshow Feb 28 - Mar 1
Twigs (Stones Throw Productions)
The Woodsman Apr 3-26
You Can't Take It With You May 15 - Jun 14 (Emerging Artist Showcase with TWU)
Proof (Stones Throw Productions)

2008/2009 - Twenty-five Years of Theatre That Matters
Mourning Dove Oct 17 - Nov 15
Jesus My Boy Nov 28 - Dec 27
Holy Mo Feb 6 - Mar 7
A Time To Dance Mar 19 - Apr 4 (Libby Skala)
You Still Can't May 15 - Jun 13 (Emerging Artist Showcase with TWU)

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Oct 7-17 (with Pound of Flesh)
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Nov 13 - Jan 2
The Passion Project Jan 27 - Feb 6 (Reid Farrington, PuSh Festival)
Refuge Of Lies Apr 9 - May 1
Godspell May 28 - Jul 3 (Emerging Artist Showcase with TWU)

FRINGE Sep 8-18 Confessions of a Paperboy (Giovanni Mocibob), Stretch Dog (Glass City Theatre), Miracle in Rwanda (Lesley Lewis Sword), Dirt (Christopher Domig)
The Busy World Is Hushed Sep 23 – Oct 16 (one2theatre)
Playland Nov 4-27
Christmas On The Air  Dec 9 – Jan 1 (Midnight Theatre Collective)
Christmas Presence Dec 14, 17-20
My Name Is Asher Lev Jan 27 – Feb 26
Jesus Hopped The 'A' Train Mar 10 – Apr 2 (Glass City Theatre)
Jake's Gift Apr 6-16 (Juno Productions)
Side Show Apr 29-30 
The Great Divorce May 19 – Jun 18 (Emerging Artist Showcase)
The Verona Project (Stones Throw Productions)
The Casino and The Disappearing (Stones Throw Productions)

Tuesdays With Morrie Sep 14-24 (Gallery 7 Theatre)
Re:Union Oct 21 - Nov 12 | (with Horseshoes & Hand Grenades)
A Christmas Carol Dec 2-31
Christmas Presence Dec 11, 13, 17-19
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea Jan 20 - Feb 4 (Annunciation Pictures)
Sideshow Feb 10-11 
Doubt Mar 2-31
The Meal Apr 12-14 (Lost Gospel Ensemble)
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Apr 10-21 (w/ Pound Of Flesh, Rumble, NeWorld, Cultch)
100 Saints You Should Know May 4-26 |


A Little Salt
Season With Salt
Saltwater Taffy
Salt Of The Earth
Skeletons In The Closet
The Journey

pt at the jessies | 1994-2011

Jessie Richardson Awards
1994/95 - 2010/11
17 seasons of eligibility
90 Pacific Theatre nominations
28 nominations for artists presented or sponsored by PT
winners in boldface

1994-95 (6 nominations)

Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth
Supporting Actor: Dirk Van Stralen

Director: Morris Ertman
Musical Direction: Allen des Noyers
Ensemble Cast: Spencer Capier, Allen des Noyers, Tim Dixon, Ron Reed,
Wyndham Thiessen

Set: Morris Ertman, Damien

1995-96 (2 nominations)

Musical Direction: Scott Hafso
Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth

1996-97 (4 nominations)

Set: Bruce Repei
Lighting: Bruce Repei

Actor: Dirk Van Stralen, Mass Appeal
Ensemble Cast: Lucia Frangione, Erla Faye Forsyth, Anita Wittenberg, Holy Mo

1997-98 (4 + 4 nominations)

Actress: Miriam Brown
Supporting Actress: Linda Bush
Sound: Steven Bulat

Actor: Dirk Van Stralen, The Nerd

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (Building Bridges)
Director: John Juliani
Actor: Terry Jang Barclay
Supporting Actor: Hiro Kanagawa
Set: Robert Gerow

1998-99 (4 nominations)

Actress: Gina Chiarelli
Lighting: Kevin McAllister
Set: Morris Ertman

Actress: Miriam Brown, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

1999-2000 (8 + 2 nominations)

Production: Pacific Theatre
Director: Morris Ertman
Actor: Jeremy Tow
Supporting Actor: Tom Pickett

Costumes: Christine Hackman
Actress: Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
Set: Kevin McAllister

Original Composition: Allen des Noyers, Dreams of Kings & Carpenters

Actress: Sharon Heath, Quilters (Quilters Co-op)
Actress: Katharine Venour, Saint Joan (Candlelight)

2000-2001 (2 nominations)

Musical Direction: Karen Parent, Tent Meeting
Supporting Actress: Carolyn Tweedle, The Foreigner

2001-2002 (2 + 1 nominations)

Original Play or Musical: Lucia Frangione
Actor: Dirk Van Stralen

Sydney Risk Award, Emerging Playwright: Lucia Frangione

2002-2003 (10 nominations)

Supporting Actress: Trish Pattenden
Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth

Production: Pacific Theatre
Original Play: Lucia Frangione
Actress: Lucia Frangione
Actor: Todd Thomson
Set: Kevin McAllister
Lighting: Kevin McAllister
Critics' Choice: Espresso

Supporting Actor: Ron Reed, God's Man In Texas

2003-2004 (2 + 1 nominations)

Performance, TYA: Paul Moniz de Sa
Performance, TYA: Julia Mackey

Supporting Actor: Bob Frazer, The Glass Menagerie (Liffy)

2004-2005 (4 + 1 nominations)

Supporting Actor: Corina Akeson
Set: Kevin McAllister
Costumes: Nicole Bach

Supporting Actor: Kyle Rideout, Halo

Actor: Rick Dobran, The Domino Heart (Section 8)

2005-2006 (17 + 5 nominations)

Production, Small Theatre: Pacific Theatre
Direction: Morris Ertman
Actor: Ron Reed
Actress: Katharine Venour
Set: Dale Marushy
Costumes: Nicole Bach

Actress: Erla Faye Forsyth
Supporting Actor: Kyle Rideout
Costumes: Nicole Bach
Significant Artistic Achievement, Props: Francesca Albertazzi & Lauchlin Johnston

Production, Large Theatre: Touchstone Theatre & Pacific Theatre
Original Script: Shawn MacDonald
Direction: Katrina Dunn
Supporting Actor: Bob Frazer
Supporting Actress: Camille Beaudoin
Lighting: John Webber
Sound Design or Original Composition: Paul Moniz de Sa

ELEPHANT MAN (Five Bob Equity Co-Op)
Production, Small Theatre
Supporting Actress: Annabel Kershaw
Lighting: Adrian Muir
Costumes: Sheila White

Gordon Armstrong Playwright's Award winner: Lucia Frangione
(For LEAVE OF ABSENCE, which Lucia is developing for Pacific Theatre in partnership with the Playwrights' Theatre Centre)

2006-2007 (8 nominations)

Production: Pacific Theatre
Director: Angela Konrad
Actress: Alexa Devine
Actor: Craig Erickson
Supporting Actor: Kerry Vander Griend
Supporting Actor: Duncan Fraser

Costumes: Nicole Bach, A Bright Particular Star
Set: Kevin McAllister, Cariboo Magi

2007-2008 (2 + 2 nominations)

Supporting Actor: Paul Moniz de Sa
Sound: Stephen Bulat

Actor: Ron Reed
Costumes: Tracy Wright

2008-2009 (1 nomination)

Supporting Actor: Ron Reed, Mourning Dove

2009-2010 (4 nominations)

Set: Lauchlin Johnston
Lighting: Lauchlin Johnston
Actor: Terence Kelly

Costumes: Naomi Sider, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

2010-2011 (10 + 12 nominations)

Significant Artistic Achievement: Curation and Execution of an Outstanding Season of Theatre

Director: Anthony F. Ingram
Actor: Michael Kopsa
Actor: Tom Pickett
Set: Drew Facey
Lighting: Lauchlin Johnston

Costumes: Naomi Sider
Sound/composition: Luke Ertman
Set: Lauchlin Johnston

Director: Angela Konrad
Actor: Rob Olguin
Actor: Carl Kennedy
Lighting: Itai Erdal

Director: Richard Wolfe
Actress: Gina Chiarelli
Sound/composition: David Mesiha
Set: Michael Schaldemose
Lighting: Michael Schaldemose

Sam Payne Award, Most Promising Newcomer: Evan Frayne (Pacifc Theatre apprentice)

DOUBT (Mar 2-31, 2012)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Dec 2-31, 2011)

RE:UNION (Oct 21 - Nov 12, 2011)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YOU STILL CAN'T (May 15 – Jun 13, 2009)

by Ron Reed
Emerging Artist Showcase
Co-Production: TWU

May 15 – Jun 13, 2009, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Kat Gauthier
Tim Bratton
Andrea Loewen
Christie Maxson
Debra Sears
Glen Pinchin
Mack Gordon
Alex Voicu
Byron Noble
Peter Carlone

Director: Ron Reed

A TIME TO DANCE (Mar 19 – Apr 4, 2009)

by Libby Skala
Guest Production

Mar 19 – Apr 4, 2009, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Libby Skala

HOLY MO! (Feb 6 – Mar 7, 2009)

by Lucia Frangione

Feb 6 – Mar 7, 2009, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Erla Faye Forsyth
Katharine Venour
Julia Mackey
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, November 28, 2008

JESUS MY BOY (Nov 28 – Dec 27, 2008)

by John Dowie

Nov 28 – Dec 27, 2008, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Joseph: David Adams
Musicians: Sheree Plett, Jeremy Eisenhauer
Director: Sarah Rodgers

Friday, October 17, 2008

MOURNING DOVE (Oct 17 – Nov 15, 2008)

by Emil Sher

Oct 17 – Nov 15, 2008, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Doug: Kerry Vander Griend
Sandra: Anita Wittenberg
Keith: Ron Reed
Tina: Laura Van Dyke
Director: Angela Konrad

Thursday, May 15, 2008

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU (May 15 - Jun 14, 2008)

by George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart
Emerging Artist showcase. Co-Production: TWU

May 15 - Jun 14, 2008, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Director: Ron Reed

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

THE WOODSMAN (Apr 3-26, 2008)

by Steven Fechter

Apr 3-26, 2008, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Dirk Van Stralen
Michael Kopsa
Rebecca deBoer
Camille Beaudoin
Director: Morris Ertman

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS (Jan 24 – Feb 23, 2008)

by Robert Bolt
Guest production: Midnight Theatre Collective

Jan 24 – Feb 23, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Director: Jeremy Tow

Thursday, November 29, 2007

THIS WONDERFUL LIFE (Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2007)

by Steve Murray

Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Dan Amos
Director: Morris Ertman

Thursday, October 11, 2007

DRIVING MISS DAISY (Oct 11- Nov 10, 2007)

by Alfred Uhry

Oct 11- Nov 10, 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Erla Faye Forsyth
Tom Pickett
Paul Moniz de Sa
Director: Sarah Rodgers

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

12 ANGRY MEN (Sep 19-22, 2007)

by Reginald Rose
Script-in-hand staging

Sep 19-22, 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Ron Reed
Adam Bergquist
Michael Kopsa *
David Nykl
Kyle Jespersen
Frank Nickel *
Francis Boyle
Allen des Noyers
Terence Kelly *
Kerry van der Griend *
Tim Dixon
Tariq Leslie

Director: Ian Farthing *
Stage Manager: Linsy Rotar

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

REMNANTS: A FABLE (May 16 - Jun 8, 2007)

by Jason Sherman
Emerging Artist Showcase, Co-production: TWU

May 16 – Jun 8, 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Director: Ron Reed

Thursday, March 15, 2007

GRACE (Mar 15 - Apr 14, 2007)

by Craig Wright
Canadian Premiere

Mar 15 – Apr 14 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Kerry Vander Griend
Craig Erickson
Alexa Dubreuil
Director: Angela Konrad

Thursday, January 25, 2007

THE QUARREL (Jan 25 - Feb 17, 2007)

by David Brandes & Joseph Telushkin
Canadian Premiere, Guest Production: Midnight Theatre Collective

Jan 25 – Feb 17, 2007, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Dan Amos
Nathan Schmidt
Director: Morris Ertman

Thursday, November 23, 2006

CARIBOO MAGI (Nov 23 – Dec 30, 2006)

by Lucia Frangione

Nov 23 – Dec 30, 2006, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Lucia Frangione
Dirk Van Stralen
Anthony Ingram
Donna Lea Ford
Director: Diane Brown

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LiLiA! (Sep 20 - Oct 7, 2006)

by Libby Skala
Guest Production

Sep 20 – Oct 7, 2006, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Libby Skala

Friday, May 5, 2006

A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR (May 5 - Jun 3, 2006)

by Ron Reed
World Premiere, Emerging Artist Showcase

May 5 – Jun 3, 2006, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

George MacDonald: Kyle Jespersen
Lilia MacDonald: Rebecca deBoer
Louisa MacDonald: Kerri Norris
Charles Granet de la Rue: Ryan Hoke
Greville MacDonald: Steve Waldschmidt
Octavia Hill, Charlotte Cushman: Candice Lindsay
Jenny Ward: Jacqui Hoke
Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Clarence Bicknell: Dan Amos
Virenda Granet de la Rue: Kathleen Parsons
Kate Terry: Lori Kokotailo
Director: Ron Reed
Set: Steve Waldschmidt
Costumes: Nicole Bach
Lights: Mike ???
Sound: Dan Amos
Stage Manager: Lois Dawson

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

THE PRODIGAL SON (Mar 15 - Apr 9, 2006)

by Shawn MacDonald
Touchstone Theatre co-production

Mar 15 - Apr 9, 2006

Gina Chiarelli *
Craig Erickson *
Bob Frazer *
Donald Adams *
Camille Beaudoin
Michael Gunion *
Alex Pimm *
Christine Willes *

 Director: Katrina Dunn *

Friday, January 27, 2006

THE HUNGRY SEASON (Jan 27 – Feb 25, 2006)

by Jennifer Morison Hendrix
World Premiere

Jan 27 – Feb 25, 2006, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Marie: Katharine Venour
George: Ron Reed
Martha: Chy Liu
Chinga: Stuart Pierre
Laura: Erin Bourke
Tina: Lori Kokotailo
Director: Morris Ertman / Anthony Ingram
Set & Lights: Kevin McAllister
Cotumes: Nicole Bach
Sound: Luke Ertman
Stage Manager: Connie Hosie

Thursday, December 1, 2005

THE FARNDALE...CHRISTMAS CAROL (Dec 1, 2005 - Jan 1, 2006)

by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.

Dec 1, 2005 - Jan 1, 2006, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Erla Faye Forsyth *
Trish Pattenden *
Kyle Rideout *
Julia Mackey *
Christy-Lynn Guthrie +

Director: Kerry Vander Griend *
Stage Manager: Connie Hosie *

Friday, October 21, 2005

THE ELEPHANT MAN (Oct 21 – Nov 12, 2005)

by Bernard Pomerance
Guest Production: Five Bob Equity Co-op

"Sometimes I think my head is so big becase it is so full of dreams."
1884. John Merrick is rescued from the brutalities of a London freak show. As this gentle monstrosity becomes the toast of Victorian society, his ambitious saviours are confronted with the deformities of their own souls. A searching classic of the contemporary stage.
"A fiercely uplifting and brutally sad play. A triumph." Boulder Weekly

Oct 21 – Nov 12, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

John Merrick: Damon Calderwood
Frederick Treves: Anthony F. Ingram
Mrs Kendall / Pinhead: Anabell Kershaw
Ross / Bishop / Snork: Rhys Lloyd
Miss Sandwich / Pinhead: Sarah May Redmond
F.C. Carr Gomm / Conductor: William Samples
Pinhead Manager / Policeman / Lord John: Brahm Taylor
Porter/Policeman: Ryan Hoke
Director: Sarah Rogers
Set: Tara Arnett
Light: Adrian Muir
Costume: Sheila White
Stage Manager: Krista Sung

Friday, May 6, 2005

SHADOWLANDS (May 6 – Jun 4, 2005)

by William Nicholson

May 6 – Jun 4, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Jack Lewis: Ron Reed
Joy Gresham: Katharine Venour
Michael Kopsa
Roger Hamm
Tom Pickett
Dan Amos, Kris Knutsen, Laureen Smith, Adam Bergquist
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, March 18, 2005

LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC (Mar 18 – Apr 16, 2005)

by Arlene Hutton
Canadian Premiere, Emerging Artist Showcase

Mar 18 – Apr 16, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Kris Knutsen
Adam Bergquist
Director: Angela Konrad

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

DOMINO HEART (Feb 9 – 26, 2005)

by Matthew Edison
Guest Production: Section 8

Feb 9 – 26, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Tom Pickett
Director: Craig Hall

Friday, January 14, 2005


Three plays by William Butler Yeats
Guest Production: Blind Prophet Equity Co-Op

Jan 14-29, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Kyle Rideout
Director: Anthony Ingram

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas Presence (Dec 12, 19-20, 2004)


Dec 12, 2004: In The Valley
Dec 19/20, 2004: In The City

Friday, December 3, 2004

HALO (Dec 3, 2004 – Jan 2, 2005)

by Josh MacDonald

"Take-out coffee, take-out forgiveness."
The extraordinarily funny and surprisingly touching story of what happens in a Cape Breton community when the face of Christ appears on the wall of the local Tim Horton's. This compassionate new play by one of Nova Scotia's rising stars asks important questions about faith, hope and customer service.
"Theatre at its very best. There is not a false note in this high-wire act of comedy and tragedy... Beautifully written, believable characters." The Halifax Herald

Dec 3, 2004 – Jan 2, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Rebecca deBoer
Anthony Ingram *
Kyle Rideout
James Wilson
Karen Rae
Dan Amos
Evangela Dueck

Director: Morris Ertman *
Stage Manager: Lynnette Candy

Thursday, September 30, 2004

LEAVING RUIN (Sep 30 - Oct 9, 2004)

by Jeff Berryman
Guest Production

"I have a disease. A mostly fatal thing called they-don't-want-me-here-anymore."
Cyrus Manning, preacher at the First Church of Ruin, Texas, must face the possibility that his small town career is finished. This brilliant solo peformance chronicles the tough, often humorous battle of a man chasing the will of God in a time of divine silence.
"Jeff Berryman has taken an evangelical preacher and turned him into the most unexpected thing: a human being. Remarkable." Annie Dillard

Sep 30 – Oct 9, 2004, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Cyrus Manning: Jeff Berryman

Friday, April 30, 2004

CHICKENS (Apr 30 – May 29, 2004)

by Lucia Frangione
Emerging Artist Showcase

Apr 30 – May 29, 2004, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
Adam Bergquist
Kaja Peters
Chy Liu
Steve Waldschmidt
Director: Kerry Vander Griend

Friday, April 9, 2004

Passion (Apr 9-10, 2004)


Apr 9-10, 2004, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

THE GLASS MENAGERIE (Feb 19 – Mar 13, 2004)

by Tennessee Williams
Guest Production: Liffey Productions

Feb 19 – Mar 13, 2004, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Tom: Ian Farthing
Laura: Jade Shaw
Gentleman Caller: Bob Fraser
Director: Molly Lyons

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Christmas Presence (Dec 20-21, 2003)


In The Valley - Dec 20, 2003 (Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, Clearbrook)
In The City - Dec 21, 2003 (Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver)

Friday, November 28, 2003

THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE (Nov 28, 2003 – Feb 1, 2004)

Adapted from C.S. Lewis

Nov 28, 2003 – Feb 1, 2004, Norman Rothstein Theatre (Vancouver)

Evening cast
Peter: Anthony Ingram
Lucy: Tiffany Lyndall-Knight
Director: Morris Ertman
Daytime cast
Peter: Paul Moniz da Sa
Lucy: Julia Mackey
Director: Ron Reed

Friday, November 7, 2003

PRIVATE EYES (Nov 7 – Dec 6, 2003)

by Steven Dietz
Guest Production: Blind Prophet Equity Co-Op

Nov 7 – Dec 6, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Dirk Van Stralen
Miriam Brown
Julia Mackey
Tariq Leslie
Director: Anthony Ingram

Friday, September 19, 2003

ESPRESSO (Sep 19 – Oct 18, 2003)

by Lucia Frangione
Co-Production with Blinding Light

Sep 19 – Oct 18, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
2004: Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg)
2004: Belfry Theatre (Victoria)
2004: Blinding Light (Edmonton)
2004: Blinding Light (Rosebud)

Lucia Frangione
Todd Thomson
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, May 23, 2003

TEN NOVEMBER (May 23 – Jun 14, 2003)

by Steven Dietz, music by Eric Bain Peltoniemi
Emerging Artist Showcase
"And all that remains is the faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters..."
Twenty-nine men live their last hours together on the Edmund Fitzgerald, with only work and fate in common. This modern sea tragedy becomes a source of light, reflected through precise characterization and achingly beautiful folk songs.
"Cinematic... Eerily evocative." Detroit News

May 23 – Jun 14, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Kyle Jesperson
Rory Holland
Steve Waldschmidt
Arnica Skulstad-Brown
Rebecca deKleer
Christy-Lynne Guthrie
Director: Scott Campbell

Friday, April 11, 2003

GOD'S MAN IN TEXAS (Apr 11 – May 10, 2003)

by David Rambo
Canadian Premiere

The power of faith and the politics of religion
When the aging Dr. Phillip Gottschall is forced to relinquish control of "the top job in the Baptist universe," Jerry Mears appears to be the perfect successor – if he can reconcile the wounds of his past with the demands of a new calling.
'A poignant tale of lost fathers and found sons - it is profoundly human.' - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Apr 11 – May 10, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Craig Erickson *
Ed Pilkington *
Ron Reed

Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, February 28, 2003

PLAYLAND (Feb 28 – Mar 22, 2003)

by Athol Fugard

"Forgive me or kill me. That´s the choice you have."
New Year's Eve, 1989. Two South Africans, a black security guard and a white soldier, meet at a travelling amusement park. A powerful exploration of guilt, damnation and absolution in post-Apartheid South Africa.
"The mystery of repentance in the human heart." Athol Fugard, author of MASTER HAROLD... & THE BOYS.

Feb 28 – Mar 22, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
Guest Production: Blind Deerhunter
Tom Pickett
Director: ?

Friday, January 24, 2003

ESPRESSO (Jan 24 – Feb 15, 2003)

by Lucia Frangione
World Premiere

"A single shot, Italian style - bitter, and served straight up."
Three fiery women – Vito's estranged daughter, his pit-bull of a second wife, and the family's wrinkled matriarch – find humour and grace in the aftermath of a violent car crash that threatens to take from them the one man they all love.
A bitterly funny, vividly literate world premiere by the author of CARIBOO MAGI and HOLY MO

Jan 24 – Feb 15, 2003, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Lucia Frangione
Todd Thomson
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, November 29, 2002

MERCY WILD (Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2002)

by Ron Reed & the company
World Premiere

Our finest gifts we bring...
An over-the-hill booky, a European designer, a feisty horticultural adventurer, a mountain mystic, a Saskatchewan farmer and his spider-obsessed grand-daughter find themselves alone in the city with Christmas looming. Based on mask characters created in an extraordinary training and play development process.
"Mask - the oldest of the devices we mortals have created to confront the unknowns in our universe." John Ransford Watts, Goodman School of Drama

Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Jake: Julia Mackey
Bend: Mark Dumez
Georges: Scott Campbell
Dirk Van Stralen
Sarah Turner
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, September 27, 2002

LETTICE AND LOVAGE (Sep 27 – Oct 26, 2002)

by Peter Shaffer

"You have been known to improve on history..."
Fustian House is haunted – by the spirit of Nothing Ever Happening. That is, until the embellishments of an inventive tour guide incur the wrath of her more scrupulous superiors.
"Original, highly entertaining and intelligent - a delight"
Daily Telegraph

Sep 27 – Oct 26, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Erla Faye Forsyth
Trish Pattenden
Ian Farthing
Kelly Metzger
Director: Dean Paul Gibson

Friday, April 12, 2002

DAMIEN (Apr 12 – May 11, 2002)

by Aldyth Morris

Apr 12 – May 11, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Father Damien: Ron Reed
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, February 15, 2002

THE CLEARING (Feb 15 - Mar 9, 2002)

by Helen Edmundson
Emerging Artist Showcase

Feb 15 – Mar 9, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Lisa Benner
Scott Campbell
Kate Newman
Ian Farthing
Director: Molly Lyons

Friday, January 25, 2002

A MOST NOTORIOUS WOMAN (Jan 25 - Feb 2, 2002)

by Molly Lyons
Guest Production

Jan 25 – Feb 2, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Molly Lyons

Friday, November 30, 2001

CARIBOO MAGI (Nov 30 – Dec 30, 2001)

by Lucia Frangione
World Premiere (full length version)

Nov 30 – Dec 30, 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Lucia Frangione
Dirk Van Stralen
Anthony Ingram
Donna Lea Ford
John James Hong
Director: Diane Brown

Friday, October 5, 2001

HOSPITALITY SUITE (Oct 5 - Nov 3, 2001)

by Roger Rueff

Canadian Premiere

Oct 5 - Nov 3, 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Michael Kopsa
Tom Pickett
Kevin Brady
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, April 20, 2001

THE FOREIGNER (Apr 20 - May 19, 2001)

by Larry Shue
Charlie is visiting from England, painfully shy and very much in need of rest. His friend has the perfect solution – he leaves him at a rural fishing lodge, telling his hosts that Charlie is from an exotic foreign land and speaks no English. All is well until Charlie overhears more than he should.
"I laughed from start to finish. One surprise after another!" New Yorker
"Best new play." Outer Critics Circle Award
"A laugh out loud comedy" Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Apr 20 - May 19, 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Charlie: Ron Reed
Froggy: Ian Farthing
Lucia Frangione
David: Francis Boyle
Ellard: Scott Campbell
Owen: Dennis Envoldsen
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, March 9, 2001

TENT MEETING (Mar 9 - Apr 8, 2001)

by Morris Ertman & Ron Reed
A co-production with Blinding Light Productions and Chemainus Theatre

A fond, nostalgic look at small town life in the hardscrabble thirties, bathed in the glorious harmonies of a traveling gospel quartet. George is as dry and hard as the land he struggles to farm, until the sudden return of a boyhood friend – now an itinerant evangelist – brings all the threat and promis of a sudden summer thunderstorm.
"A blast of fresh prairie air!" Toronto Star
"Open-hearted, exquisite, celebratory." Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

Mar 9 – Apr 8 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
2001, Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg)
2001, etc

Sam: Jonathan Bruce
Elroy: Tom Pickett
George: Royal Sproule
Neil Minor
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, January 12, 2001

THE FEVER (Jan 12 - Feb 3, 2001)

by Wallace Shawn

A traveler finds herself in a Third World hotel room, confronted with realities outside the comforts of her familiar North American life. A fierce, immediate and touching one-woman show by the author of My Dinner With Andre.
"A 75-minute laugh-in-the-dark ride: it may be a chamber of horrors, but it's also full of ironic haripin turns, twisting ambiguities and startling laughs" Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Mesmerizing – a profoundly engaging journey through the awakening of a pampered conscience." New York Newsday

Jan 12 – Feb 3 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Gina Chiarelli
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, October 20, 2000

SISTER CALLING MY NAME (Oct 20 - Nov 18, 2000)

by Buzz McLaughlin

For eighteen years Michael has cut himself off from his sister, who has been institutionalized for schizophrenia since the death of their parents. Now Lindsey has begun to paint, her work is attracting critical accolades and large sums of money – and she wants Michael to be part of this new hope. A story of remembrance, reunion and the power of love.
Canadian Premiere
"Courageous and exhilarating, this play ventures deep into a troubled human spirit and emerges triumphant." Charlotte Observer
"Moving and beautiful." New Jersey Daily Record

Oct 20 – Nov 18 2000, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Michael: Ron Reed
Anne: Miriam Brown
Lindsay: Katharine Venour
Director: Morris Ertman

Thursday, June 1, 2000

CURIOUS SAVAGE (Jun 1 - Jul 1, 2000)

by John Patrick
A Stones Throw Production

Eager to get their hands on Mrs Savage's fortune, her step-children have her committed to an asylum. She finds the misfits inside more human than her well-adjusted relatives outside, and conceives a plan...
Hilarious comedy in the tradition of You Can't Take It With You

Jun 1 – Jul 1 2000, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Friday, April 7, 2000

QUILTERS (Apr 7 - May 6, 2000)

by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek
Guest Production: Potluck Productions

Full of music and dance and life, this glorious celebration of prairie women and their stories has brought audiences to their feet all over North America.
"Quilters sings! A patchwork of rare and simple beauty."

Apr 7 – May 6 2000, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Lucia Frangione
Pam Raven
Director: Jeany Van Meltebeke

Friday, March 3, 2000

LONELY PLANET (Mar 3-25, 2000)

by Steven Dietz
Guest Production: little i

Jody owns a map shop. Carl hangs around. Occasionally he brings in chairs. Carl is a bit odd. Little by little we come to realize who these men are, what binds them together and what threatens to tear them apart.
"Utterly captivating from the opening image to the final line. Hilarious, puzzling and deeply moving."

Mar 3-25 2000, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Carl: Kerry Vander Griend
Jody: John Innes
Director: John James Hong

Friday, January 21, 2000

MASTER HAROLD... AND THE BOYS (Jan 21 - Feb 12, 2000)

by Athol Fugard

Hallie is a white South African student. Two black friends work in his father's tea room. Suddenly the innocence of childhood friendship is challenged, and Hallie is forced into an adulthood of his own choosing.
"Fugard metes out his passion with control and prcision, warmed with gentleness, overflowing with compassion."

Jan 21 – Feb 12 2000, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Jeremy Tow
Tom Pickett
Denis Simpson
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, December 3, 1999

DREAMS OF KINGS & CARPENTERS (Dec 3 - Jan 1, 1999)

by Ron Reed, Jennifer Morison Hendrix, Loren Wilkinson, Tim Anderson
Original music by Allen des Noyers

This highly theatrical collaboration sets aside sentiment to find the very heart of the first Christmas, two millenia ago – a world of refugees and occupation troops, courtesans and kings and carpenters.
"And an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream..."

Dec 3 – Jan 1 1999, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Ensemble; Allen des Noyers, Cheryl Campbell, Francis Boyle, Miriam Brown, Spencer Capier
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, October 1, 1999

HOLY MO! (Oct 1-30, 1999)

by Lucia Frangione
They're back! Folly, Buffoona and Guff bring a Revised Version of their madness to Pacific Theatre's mainstage. Experience the book of Exodus in all its sweep and grandeur – well, some of its sweep and grandeur – with the life of King David thrown in for fun. (Oh yeah, they sing too.)
"Magical! We left the theatre elated."
Oct 1-30 1999, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
Lucia Frangione
Erla Faye Forsyth *
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight *

Director: Morris Ertman *

Thursday, July 1, 1999

1999-2000 Season

Holy Mo (Oct 1-30)
Dreams Of Kings & Carpenters (Dec 3 - Jan 1)
Master Harold... and the Boys (Jan 21 - Feb 12)
Lonely Planet (Mar 3-25)
Quilters (Apr 7 - May 6)

Sweet Charity (Sep 23-25)
Mystery Improv Theatre 2000 (Feb 18, 19, 25, 26)
Curious Savage (Jun 1 - Jul 1)

Thursday, May 27, 1999

YOU STILL CAN'T (May 27 - Jun 26, 1999)

by Ron Reed
World Premiere
A Stones Throw Production

The hilarious sequel to Kaufman & Hart's 1930-s classic, You Can't Take It With You. Sixty years have passed since Tony Kirby was grafted by marriage onto the wildly eccentric Vanderhof family tree. Now he prsides over two more generations of free-spirited artists, idealists and eccentrics gathered in the family brownstone in New York City.

Director - Jenn (Brose) Ohlhauser

Friday, April 9, 1999

SAINT JOAN (Apr 9 - May 1, 1999)

by George Bernard Shaw
A guest production by Candlelight Productions

A peasant girl defies convention and human authority as she raises a people's army to fight for her country' freedom. Ultimately she must choose – a life without liberty, or death. Shaw's dazzling wit and storytelling brilliance combine to create his most deeply moving and inspiring play.

"Beautiful, engrossing, and at times exalting" Alexander Woolcott

Joan - Katharine Venour
- Anthony Ingram

Director - Morris Ertman

Friday, February 5, 1999

AGNES OF GOD (Feb 5-27, 1999)

by John Pielmeier

A young nun is accused of a terrible crime. So innocent as to seem angelic, Agnes stands between two powerful, impassioned women – her mother superior, who fights to protect the girl's fragile spirit, and a court-appointed psychiatrist who is determined to heal her shattered mind.

"Unquestionably, blindingly theatrical" Clive Barnes, New York Post

Feb 5-27 1999, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Agnes - Katharine Venour
Mother Superior - Gina Chiarelli
Martha Livingstone - Anita Wittenberg

Director - Jeremy Tow

Friday, December 4, 1998

THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE (Dec 4 - Jan 2 1998/99)

Adapted by Ron Reed from the C.S. Lewis novel

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of C.S. Lewis' birth with this breathtakingly inventive staging of our century's most widely read, greatly loved children's classic. Captivates the adult imagination as powerfully as a child's with its rich themes and unforgettable images – a triumph of the imagination!

Dec 4 1998 – Jan 2 1999, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Peter - Anthony Ingram *
Lucy - Miriam Brown

Director - Ron Reed
Set - Stancil Campbell
Stage Manager - April Nicolle *

Friday, October 23, 1998

COTTON PATCH GOSPEL (Oct 23 - Nov 21, 1998)

by Tom Key & Russell Treyz, music by Harry Chapin

The Greatest Story Ever Re-Told packed our theatre in 1994, winning rave reviews and three Jessie Richardson Award nominations. The original cast returns in this high-energy big-hearted bluegrass celebration that places Jesus in the Deep South – face to face with revival preachers, crooked politicians and the Ku Klux Klan.

"Entertainment of a high order; witty, toe-tapping, and emotionally engaging entertainment" Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


Spencer Capier
Allen des Noyers
Tim Dixon
Ron Reed
Wyndham Thiessen

Director - Morris Ertman


Oct 23 – Nov 21 1998, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Spring 1999 Tour;
Sunshine Theatre (Kelowna)
Chemainus Theatre
Lambrick Park, Fraserview MB, Glad Tidings, etc

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

1998-99 Season: 15th Anniversary Season

Experience the extraordinary!

If you're like me, you go to the theatre to be enchanted, challenged, inspired, transported – maybe even changed. We gather in a darkened room hoping to experience life at its most essential and passionate – to enter worlds of imagination and transformation where human souls live through the central, defining moments of their lives.

In our 15th Anniversary season, we will take you to some extraordinary times and places – to 15th century France and England where an idealistic young woman fights for her country's freedom, to Gainsville Georgia where Jesus is born in an orange crate, to an imaginary world called Narnia in the grip of an endless winter. In the uniquely inimate world of our 125-seat theatre you will laugh and feel and think along with characters you won't forget, caught up in urgent questions of sanctity and sanity, of liberty and responsibility, of life and death.

We're celebrating our 15th Anniversary Season with a tremendous sense of anticipation – long awaited productions, new artistic collaborations, even an improved lobby!

Don't miss a minute of it. Life is so busy – why not decide right now to set aside a few evenings to leave behind the day-to-day and immserse yourself in the imaginative, deeply human world of live theatre.

Ron Reed


Cotton Patch Gospel
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
Agnes Of God
Saint Joan
You Still Can't

Thursday, May 21, 1998


by Ron Reed, Paul & Nicole Johnson

Okay. Imagine Christmas Presence. Without the Christmas stuff. At a ballpark, on opening day. That's pretty much the idea of this All Star celebration of the stories, the characters and the literature of this timeless game. This glorious springtime of a show features the writings of W.P. Kinsella, Garrison Keillor, Casey Stengel and other literary giants. Nine innings of dramatic action with Abbott & Costello, Wayne & Schuster, Tinker & Evers & Chance. Sister Wynona Carr's gospel classic "Life Is A Ballgame" and other memorable tunes like "Say Hey (The Willie Mays Sont)." And the players - Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Bobby Thompson and Joe Carter, to mention just a few. Buy some peanuts and crackerjacks, and get yourself a seat on the first base line for the greatest opening day Vancouver has ever seen! The most fun you can have outside a ballpark!

Ron Reed
Nicole Johnson
Paul Johnson

Stephen Bulat
Karen Parent
Wyndham Thiessen

Thursday, March 12, 1998

THE NERD (Mar 12 - Apr 4, 1998)

by Larry Shue

The creator of Pacific Theatre's smash hit The Foreigner is back with another wildly comic story. "As long as you are alive, you will have somebody on earth who will do anything for you" - words written by a soldier to the man who saved him from cdertain death on the battlefield. Years later, the hero shows up unexpectedly to collect - a hopeless, bumbling oaf with no social sense, little intelligence and less tact - and overstays his welcome to the point wehre his host is seriously considering the terms of his vow - "As long as you are alive..."

Rick Steadman - Dirk Van Stralen
Willum Cubbert - Kerry Vander Griend
Tansy McGinnis - Lisa Benner
Axel Hammond - Ron Reed
Warnock Walgrave - Francis Boyle
Clelia Waldgrave - Donna Lea Ford
Thorina Waldgrave - Katie Reed / Sasha Brayley

Director - Tom Carson

Friday, January 30, 1998

NAVY WIFE (Jan 30 - Feb 14, 1998)

by Jason Milligan
World Premiere

The winner of our 1994 Popular Demand new play reading series, this small gem of a play, set in the late 1950s, tells the story of Claire, a young woman who struggles to build a home while her husband, a Navy pilot, is stationed overseas. A story of commitment, new faith, and one woman's strength.

Claire - Miriam Brown
Jack - Francis Boyle
Birde - Linda Bush

Director - Morris Ertman
Sound - Stephen Bulat

Friday, January 9, 1998

A Night At The Improv (Jan 9-17, 1998)

2nd Annual Improv Comedy Fundraiser

Everybody can use a good laugh in the middle of our wet, gray Vancouver winter. We think we've got just the thing: a fun family evening of comedy improv. You'll see those familiar Pacific Theatre faces that you've enjoyed in past Murder Mysteries and comedies, working "without a net," in two wonderful evenings of hilarity. Cheer your team on as they strive to win you amazing prizes! And if you can stop laughing long enough, you'll be able to enjoy our "Build Your Own Sundae" bar. Help out a great theatrical cause, and have a ball doing it!

Jan 9, 10, 16, 17 (dates incorrect in brochure)

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

Christmas Presence (Dec 9-23, 1997)

A memorable theatre event unfolds before your eyes in the unslickest Christmas show ever to take place outside of a living room. These magical evenings of readings, music, sketches, monologues, short stories and reminiscences have become an essential part of the Christmas season for many. No two nights are the same. This year various musicians are featured with local singer/songwriter Michael Hart, joining Ron Reed in a celebration of the birth of Christ.

Dec 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, 23

Friday, December 5, 1997

REMNANT (Dec 5-20, 1997)

by Ron Reed

Five generations have passed since The Plaguing suddenly destroyed most human civilization. Now, in the ruins of that devastated world, in what used to be a theatre in the heart of Vancouver, a remnant gathers to hear the lost tales of their clan, to celebrate The Christ Mass for the first time in memory. Filled with hope and startling flashes of humour, this powerful evocation of light in the heart of darkness premiered at Pacific Theatre in 1989, and has gone on to win acclaim with subsequent productions in Detroit and Edmonton.

Barlow Sho'r - Dean Paul Gibson *
Widbee Nu1 - Cindy Block *
Lonr - Paul Muir *
Annagail Book'r - Erla Faye Forsyth *
Kristn Taler - Pam Raven (Muir) *

Director - Morris Ertman *
Set, Lights - Kevin McAllister
Stage Manager - Kelly O *

Friday, November 7, 1997

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (Nov 7-22, 1997)

by Arthur Miller

Celebrate Canada's Year Of Asia Pacific with this remarkable production. This gripping drama was originally set among New York's Italian immigrant families, caught in a complex clash of family allegiance, the fight to keep personal honour in the face of a new culture, and the pervasive influence of powerful gangs from the old country. Now Terry Jang-Barclay's brilliant re-conception moves the story to the heart of Vancouver's Asian Community.

Guest Production by the Building Bridges Equity Co-op

Thursday, October 9, 1997

DOCTOR FAUSTUS (Oct 9-11, 1997)

by Christopher Marlowe
Guest Production: English Suitcase Theatre

Kevin Williamson, who brought us his adaptation of Macbeth, now brings to the PT stage his English Suitcase Theatre version of this classic tale of a doctor who sells his soul to the devil. In addition to the public performances, school students will see daytime shows.

Dr Faustus - Kevin Williamson
Mephistopheles - Lisa Wegner
The Chorus, Valdes, Lucifer, Emperor Carolus - J. Morgan Drmaj

Friday, September 26, 1997

Class of '77 (Sep 26-27, 1997)

scenario developed by Tim Dixon and Francis Boyle

Pacific Theatre's brand new annual fundraiser brings you together with an all-star, all-fave, all-PT cast of twenty for this interactive Tony'n'Tina style high school reunion. Dance to the disco sounds of your DJ for the evening, Rockin' Ronnie Reed! Feel the heat as Dirk "Customized" Van Stralen encounters Lucia "For Your Eyes Only" Frangione! Yawn through the Ruenion Address of Class President Tim "Tricky" Dixon! Experience the nostalgia, the laughs, the regrets, the triumphs, the snacks and maybe even a littl emystery as the Class of '77 reunites - "still crazy after all these years!"

Revived for subsequent performance in 1998.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

The Go-Between (Aug 21, 1997)

by Jeanne Murray Walker

A work-in-progress staged reading of a new play by Jeanne Murray Walker, with playwright talkback to follow the show. Featuring Erla Faye Forsyth, Ron Reed, Tim Dixon, J.P. Allen, Gina Chiarelli and Lisa Benner.

(The public staged reading culminated a one-week script development workshop with Jeanne, coming out of the Lamb's Players Writers Week the previous January - later re-titled "Ice Crossing." Paul Muir replaced one of the actors listed above.)

Thursday, May 29, 1997

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU (May 29 - Jun 14, 1997)

by George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart

In the Vanderhof household, everyone "goes on about the business of living in the fullest sense of the word." All is peaceful anarchy until Alice, the white sheep of the family, brings home her all-too-ordinary Wall Street boyfriend! Considered by many to be the great comedy of the century, this big-hearted, big-cast Broadway hit from the 1920s will showcase gifted non-professional actors playing a host of unforgettable characters.

A Pacific Theatre Community Show


Director: Jenn Brose (Ohlhauser)

Friday, April 11, 1997

TENT MEETING (Apr 11 - May 3, 1997)

by Morris Ertman & Ron Reed
World Premiere of revised version

This nostalgic visit to the Canadian prairies of the 1930s first appeared on Alberta stages and audeinces were enchanted. Now e've commissioned playwright Ron Reed and dramaturg Frank Moher to develop that original script, retaining all the charm, character and thrilling gospel singing of the original hit!

Joyous! Anyone raised on Prairie church singing would be hard put not to clap hands and tap toes."
The Edmonton Journal

George Hoveland / Bob Lefsrud - Ron Reed
Pastor Ernest Douglas / Ben Reimer - Francis Boyle
Reverend Elroy Phillips - Don Noble
Sam Lundquist / Angus McPhee - Jonathan Bruce
Dolly Hoveland - Karen Parent

Director - Morris Ertman
Set - Morris Ertman
Light - Kevin McAllister
Costumes - Meg Ross
Dramaturg - Frank Moher
Stage Manager - Nicole Vieira
Technical Director - Rose Pelleirn
Props - Kevin Brady (company apprentice)

Funding - The Cultural Services Branch of the Government of British Columbia, The Leon And Thea Koerner Foundation, The Vancouver Foundation


From the Project Creator

Tent Meeting started as a labour of love really, a tribute to a time touched through the memories of my parents and the nostalgic living out of that memory in a gospel quartet, of which my Dad was a part, rehearsing in our living room. Theirs was not the tight, polished harmony of the Blackwood Brothers or the Stamps Quartet, whose records graced our modest family collection, but the music that came to life in that farm house rollicked with the same passions expressed on those albums and those voices became touchstones to a yearning of spirit that to this day is awakened in me with the swing of the bass line in "On The Jericho Road," the exuberant harmonies of "Walking In Jerusalem," or the longing reflected in the phrasing and lyrics of "Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling."

Thirteen years ago, a company of actor/singers and this writer/director assembled in Edmonton, Alberta, to create a theatrical event, a recollection of a time just beyond their reach when tents were erected in small towns all across North America and revivals of the heart were brought about with travelling evangelists and quartets. The play was called Tent Meeting and its development was a celebration of the magic that occurred when whole communities gathered together under a canvas roof to sing and cajole friends and neighbours into the presence of a living God, to invite them to follow a tug in their hearts brought on by songs whose melodies somehow would not let you go, and the relief from that lump in your throat was a walk away, down an aisle covered in sawdust.

My son Luke spent the first summer of his life listening in on that rehearsal, and the sounds of my two-fingered typing as I worked through the dialogue that threaded the music together in that first production. It seems poetic to think that as his voice changes and begins to find its adult timbre, I have the privilege of revisiting this celebration of religion and life, inspired by my own parents and a small country church where, as a six-year-old, I first sang in public a gospel tune called "Dare To Be A Daniel."

It was the original production of Tent Meeting that introduced Ron Reed to me and his passion after seeing the piece was truly flattering. It has been a privilege to collaborate with him in the further development of the script in a way that, I trust, has resulted in a story that with greater clarity opens a window to a time when faith was as integrated in the lives of communities as a trip to the grocer.

I trust you enjoy the journey, as I have, and leave the theatre inspired to look in garage sales for recordings of groups with names like "The Stamps Quartet," Hovie Lister and the "Sensational Statesmen," and of course "The Blackwood Brothers," to play on your dusty outdated turntables.

Morris Ertman

Friday, February 21, 1997

HOLY MO & SPEW BOY (Feb 21 - Mar 8, 1997)

by Lucia Frangione
A Potluck Production
A post-modern Old Testament comedy

HOLY MO! was the hit of the 1994 Vancouver Fringe Festival, its off-the-wall comedy and reverent irreverence winning it a wildly enthusiastic reception from everybody! Critics, fringe-goers, even children delighted in this epic three-woman deconstruction of the story of Moses. And then there was... SPEW BOY! An equally wacky reinvention of the life of King David.

A Guest Production by Potluck Productions


Bufoona, a fool - Erla Faye Forsyth
Follie, a troubadour - Lucia Frangione
Guff, a flunky - Anita Wittenberg

Music - Rene Russell
Director - Don Noble
Stage Manager - Kelly O
Lights - Jim Wenting
Cart Design - Rene Joshi


Playwright's Notes

Holy Mo & Spew Boy is based on the lives of Moses and King David. Warning: Direct Biblical quotes include violence, sex, and offensive behavior. We encourage you to read the book.

This play means more to me than anything else I have ever done to doate. I suppose that is why I jumped at the chance to do it again when Pacific Theatre offered us the space and support to do it. I can't begin to tell you how the whole concept of Holy Mo & Spew Boy began. In some ways I wrote it as a challenge to the things I have struggled with. One, being a woman in the arts, two, being an artist with the title "Christian" thrust upon my shoulders. When we first began two of my dear actor friends sat me down and told me that "girls just aren't as funny as guys." We started rehearsals for our 1994 Holy Mo tour in a church lobby . The elders got a hold of the script an decided to kick us out on the grounds of blasphemy. We countered with an offer to see a run-through of the show. Our audience consisted of a mass of grim-faced bespectacled men, pencils and illegally copied scripts in hand. We said a quick and fervent prayer behind the circus wagon and began. During the show, laughter burst from them, almost by accident. They banged their pots and pans, shouting "Mo is a twinkie!" with tears running down their faces. At the end of the show, they laid their hands on our wagon, blessed us, and sent us off on our ministering way with a frying pan full of donations.

This play is really about faith. Faith that three women can be allowed to share the stories of these amazing Bilical characters with everyone, not just a select, sanctified few. Faith that we can get a few laughs, even if we are "only girls." Faith that truth is worth any offence taken, and will stand for itself without us having to convince our audiences to believe anything. Faith that my "faith" and my "art" amount to the same thing in the end.

Lucia Frangione

Friday, January 24, 1997

MASS APPEAL (Jan 24 - Feb 15, 1997)

by Bill C. Davis

Mark Dolson is a fiery young idealist who has become a candidate for the priesthood. Father Tim Farley is the well-loved, complacent senior priest assigned to put him in his place. But when controversey erupts over the young man's past, the priest finds his own life and beliefs on trial.

Mark Dolson - Dirk Van Stralen (Kevin Brady, understudy)
Tim Farley - Tim Dixon

Director - Jeremy Tow

Friday, December 13, 1996

Christmas Presence (Dec 13-21, 1996)

A memorable theatre event unfolds before your eyes in the unslickest Christmas show ever to take place outside of a living room. These magical evenings of readings, music, sketches, monologues, short stories and reminiscences have become an essential part of the Christmas season for many. No two nights are the same as a variety of musicians appear on different evenings, joining Ron Reed to "bring forth treasures old and new" in celebration of the birth of Christ.

Dec 13, 14, 20, 21

Friday, October 11, 1996

TALLEY'S FOLLY (Oct 11 - Nov 2, 1996)

by Lanford Wilson

When Matt Friedman returned to his big city accounting office after falling in love with a small-town girl, he had no idea that she would suddenly refuse to answer his letters and calls. A year later, he returns to the scene of their summer romance, determined to win her back. Set in 1945 against a background of home-front anti-semitism, this Pulitzer Prize winner has a rare ability to touch our hearts and make us laugh.

Matt Friedman - Tim Dixon
Sally Talley - Pam Raven (Muir)

Director - Ron Reed

Thursday, September 19, 1996

Death On The Rocks (Sep 19-28, 1996)

by Tim Anderson

8th Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Our Murder Mystery Dessert Theatre Fundraising Event has been so popular over the years that we've gradully inched up from one evening a year to five! The 8th Annual Murder Myster provides plenty of clues for you to get to the bottom of this highly entertaining conundrum. Help Pacific Theatre launch its CELEBRATION@ SEASON - and enjoy some decadent desserts, fabulous prize draws, a brand new mystery, and walk away with a tax receipt while you're at it!

Sep 19, 21, 26, 27, 28

Sunday, September 1, 1996

1996-97: Celebration! Season

Talley's Folly, by Lanford Wilson
Mass Appeal, by Bill C. Davis
Holy Spew, by Lucia Frangione (Potluck Productions)
Tent Meeting, by Morris Ertman & Ron Reed
You Can't Take It With You, by Moss Hart (Pacific Theatre Community Shows)

Death On The Rocks, by Tim Anderson (8th Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser)
Christmas Presence
A Night At The Improv (2nd Annual Improv Comedy Fundraiser)


Greetings from the Managing Artistic Director,
Ron Reed

We have a lot to celebrate! We've successfully completed the second season in our new theatre, acquired additional theatre equipment and received more nominations for Vancouver's Jessie Richardson Awards (bringing our total nominations to eight over the last two years)!

We want to celebrate our success by presenting our CELEBRATION! SEASON. All of your favourite Pacific Theatre actors will be back onstage and invite you to return - as a season subscriber.....


Mainstage Season Package (3 plays + Christmas Presence)
(Weeknight/Matinee / Weekend)
Adult: $37 / $49
Student/Senior: $22 / $34

Guest Production Package (2 intriguing plays, only available to Mainstage Package Subscribers)
Adult: $21.50 / $25.50
Student/Senior: $11.50 / $15.50

Murder Mystery: $32 (tax receipt for $25)
Improv Comedy Fundraiser: Individual $20 ($15 tax receipt), Family $75 ($55 tax receipt)

Monday, April 15, 1996


by Scott Hafso

Howard: Tim Dixon
Howard: Paul Muir * (mid-run)
Lucia Frangione
Erla Faye Forsyth *
Francis Boyle
Anthony Ingram
Kate Newman

Director: Scott Hafso
Stage Manager: Nicole Vieira

Wednesday, February 28, 1996

GAMBLING, by J.P. Allen (Feb 29 - Mar 9, 1996)

Guest Production

Feb 29-Mar1, Mar 7-9

J.P. Allen
Director: Laurel Allen

Friday, February 9, 1996

MACBETH (Feb 9-24, 1996)

by William Shakespeare, adapted for five actors by The English Suitcase Theatre

Feb 9-24, 1996 (probably re-opened after GAMBLING closed, Mar 9)

Macbeth - J.P. Allen
Lady Macbeth, Witch - Erla Faye Forsyth
Macduff, Duncan, Witch - Ron Reed
Banquo, Witch - Tim Dixon
Murderer, Witch - Dirk Van Stralen
Director: Kevin Williamson

Tuesday, October 10, 1995

PAPER WINGS (Oct 20 - Nov 4, 1995)

by Gillette Elvgren

Oct 20 - Nov 4, 1995

Jamie: Pam Raven
Stan: Ron Reed
Director: Morris Ertman

Friday, September 1, 1995

1995-96 Season

Paper Wings, by Gillette Elvgren
Macbeth, by William Shakespeare
Gambling, by J.P. Allen (Guest Production)
Howard Buys A Motorhome, by Scott Hafso

A prototype of the brochure was released as the Early Bird Edition: "Look for the Time Limited Early Bird Ticket Prices in this brochure. Valid before July 31, 1995 only!" It listed the following plays:
The Runner Stumbles, by Milan Stitt | Oct 13-21
Navy Wife, by Jason Milligan | Nov 24 - Dec 2
Macbeth, by William Shakespeare | Feb 9-17
Howard Buys A Motorhome, by Scott Hafso | Apr 12-20
Gambling | Mar 1 2 7 8 9 & Mar 2 matinee
Christmas Presence | Dec 14 15 16 21 22 23
Murder Mystery Fundraiser | Sep 22 23 29 30
Improv Fundraiser | Jan 12 13

Sunday, June 11, 1995

Jessie Richardson Awards (Jun 11, 1995)

Pacific Theatre Nominations

Supporting Actor - Dirk Van Stralen, Voice of the Prairie
Musical Direction - Allen des Noyers, Cotton Patch Gospel
Set Design - Morris Ertman, Damien
Ensemble Cast - Spencer Capier, Allen des Noyers, Tim Dixon, Ron Reed, Wyndham Thiessen, Cotton Patch Gospel
Actress - Erla Faye Forsyth, Voice of the Prairie
Director - Morris Ertman, Cotton Patch Gospel

Friday, March 31, 1995

THE FOREIGNER (Mar 31 - Apr 22, 1995)

by Larry Shue

Charlie is visiting from England, shy and very much in need of rest. His friend has just the solution – he leaves him at a rural fishing lodge, telling them Charlie is from an exotic foreign land and speaks no English. All is well until Charlie overhears more than he should...

"I laughed start to finish. One surprise after another!" New Yorker

Froggy - Kevin
Charlie - Ron Reed
Betty - Erla Faye Forsyth
David -
Catherine - Pam Raven (Muir)
Owen - Francis Boyle
Ellard - Dirk Van Stralen

Director - Molly Anderson (Lyons)

Friday, February 17, 1995

TRAVELER IN THE DARK (Feb 17 - Mar 4, 1995)

by Marsha Norman

Even our most firmly held convictions can be shaken by the loss of a friend or the questions of a 12 year old. Marsha Norman serves up a fascinating contemporary exploration of the boundaries of the mind and the reaches of the heart.

"Bittersweet and totally engrossing" Dramalogue
"Traveler In The Dark has emotional power, insight and a hearteningly great ambition" Time

Sam - Tim Dixon
Glory - Erla Faye Forsyth
Everett - Ron Reed
Stephen - Joel Stephanson

Director - Angela Konrad

Friday, January 13, 1995

End Of The Line (Jan 13-21, 1995)

by Vicky McLeod

The Sixth Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser sees - GASP! - Inspector Mull on trial for murder!! It started as an innocent search for family connections through the global computer information network. Now his only hope is to hunt down the real villain, with the help of one of his spirited kinsmen. Travel with us to where the ancient Scottish lore and modern technology cross wires, where you'll come face to face with a virtual killer!

"I neverrrrr miss it" I. Mull, The Manchester Gordian
"Bring the kids - they'll eat this stuff up!" The Caterer
"The feel-good comedy laugh riot of the year!! Pacific Theatre's best yet!!! Should win some kind of award!!!! I laughed 'til I ate!!!!!" Dick Lloyd

Jan 13, 14, 20, 21 1995

Francis Boyle
Damon Calderwood
Tim Dixon
Erla Faye Forsyth
Kate Newman
Ron Reed

Monday, December 12, 1994