Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas Presence (Dec 12, 19-20, 2004)


Dec 12, 2004: In The Valley
Dec 19/20, 2004: In The City

Friday, December 3, 2004

HALO (Dec 3, 2004 – Jan 2, 2005)

by Josh MacDonald

"Take-out coffee, take-out forgiveness."
The extraordinarily funny and surprisingly touching story of what happens in a Cape Breton community when the face of Christ appears on the wall of the local Tim Horton's. This compassionate new play by one of Nova Scotia's rising stars asks important questions about faith, hope and customer service.
"Theatre at its very best. There is not a false note in this high-wire act of comedy and tragedy... Beautifully written, believable characters." The Halifax Herald

Dec 3, 2004 – Jan 2, 2005, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Rebecca deBoer
Anthony Ingram *
Kyle Rideout
James Wilson
Karen Rae
Dan Amos
Evangela Dueck

Director: Morris Ertman *
Stage Manager: Lynnette Candy