Wednesday, October 5, 1994

Popular Demand Readings (Oct 5 - Dec 6 1994)

Come hear public readings of five new plays, and choose the one which we'll premiere next spring!

Oct 5 1994: NAVY WIFE by Jason Milligan
With her husband assigned to overseas military service, a courageous young woman's brand-new faith must withstand life-changing decisions in one of the most tender, well-crafted new plays to come along in years.

Oct 18 1994: INVENTING CHICAGO by Jeanne Murray Walker
On the eve of a speech which can win him a prestigious chair at Harvard, a celebrated and charismatic theatre critic is confronted by a young woman devoted to him and his work. But it soon becomes apparent that she is not who she claims to be... A fascinating new play about identity, compulsion and ambition.

Nov 9 1994: FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE by Gillette Elvgren
A church community is torn apart as two marriages disintegrate in this highly theatrical and powerful play by the award-winning author of "I Am The Brother Of Dragons."

A modern day prophet turns his family into an out-at-the-elbows theatre troupe, but what begins as an effort to spread the good news threatens to end the family altogether. Astute, bitingly funny and profoundly moving.

Dec 6 1994: HARMON AND RUTH by Paul G. Enger
The gentle, human story of a middle-aged couple whose quiet love and faith is called on to weather the impending loss of ther farm and painful struggles with their sons, as the changing world threatens everything they care about.

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