Friday, March 9, 2001

TENT MEETING (Mar 9 - Apr 8, 2001)

by Morris Ertman & Ron Reed
A co-production with Blinding Light Productions and Chemainus Theatre

A fond, nostalgic look at small town life in the hardscrabble thirties, bathed in the glorious harmonies of a traveling gospel quartet. George is as dry and hard as the land he struggles to farm, until the sudden return of a boyhood friend – now an itinerant evangelist – brings all the threat and promis of a sudden summer thunderstorm.
"A blast of fresh prairie air!" Toronto Star
"Open-hearted, exquisite, celebratory." Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

Mar 9 – Apr 8 2001, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)
2001, Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg)
2001, etc

Sam: Jonathan Bruce
Elroy: Tom Pickett
George: Royal Sproule
Neil Minor
Director: Morris Ertman