Friday, November 29, 2002

MERCY WILD (Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2002)

by Ron Reed & the company
World Premiere

Our finest gifts we bring...
An over-the-hill booky, a European designer, a feisty horticultural adventurer, a mountain mystic, a Saskatchewan farmer and his spider-obsessed grand-daughter find themselves alone in the city with Christmas looming. Based on mask characters created in an extraordinary training and play development process.
"Mask - the oldest of the devices we mortals have created to confront the unknowns in our universe." John Ransford Watts, Goodman School of Drama

Nov 29 – Dec 29, 2002, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver)

Jake: Julia Mackey
Bend: Mark Dumez
Georges: Scott Campbell
Dirk Van Stralen
Sarah Turner
Director: Morris Ertman

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