Friday, September 26, 1997

Class of '77 (Sep 26-27, 1997)

scenario developed by Tim Dixon and Francis Boyle

Pacific Theatre's brand new annual fundraiser brings you together with an all-star, all-fave, all-PT cast of twenty for this interactive Tony'n'Tina style high school reunion. Dance to the disco sounds of your DJ for the evening, Rockin' Ronnie Reed! Feel the heat as Dirk "Customized" Van Stralen encounters Lucia "For Your Eyes Only" Frangione! Yawn through the Ruenion Address of Class President Tim "Tricky" Dixon! Experience the nostalgia, the laughs, the regrets, the triumphs, the snacks and maybe even a littl emystery as the Class of '77 reunites - "still crazy after all these years!"

Revived for subsequent performance in 1998.

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