Wednesday, December 12, 1990


by Mike Mason & Ron Reed

The wonder of magical stories well told!

Treat yourself to the storytelling craftsmanship of Mike Mason and others as their writing sre brought to the stage in a lively, imaginative ensemble performance. You'll be transported to worlds of kings and medicine men, artists and angels – haunting, whimsical, enthralling places – worlds both like and unlike our own.

Imaginatively directed and adapted by Ron Reed, The Furniture of Heaven expands Pacific Theatre's Christmas tradition with a form of theatre as old as communication itself. Experience the power and enchantment of story in this exciting community production.

Terrific stuff! Mike Mason is an enchanter." Harold Fickett

Stories by Mike Mason, Thomas C. Davis, Edward Hays & Paul Flucke
Adapted for the stage by Ron Reed
A Pacific Theatre Community Show
Richmond Gateway Studio Theatre

Craig Erickson
John Hetherington
Lucia Frangione
Andrea Smith
Anita Wittenberg
Karen Ydenberg

Director - Ron Reed
Costumes - Kate Hutchinson
Design consultant - Morris Ertman
Stage Manager - Grant Prittie

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Those were the days....